I was so happy to do a podcast about these low maintenance plants with my twin sister, Lindsay! She was the perfect person to do it with because she doesn't have a lot of experience with houseplants, giving podcast a couple different perspectives! The subject of low maintenance houseplants has always been a hot topic of conversation between beginners and expert houseplant lovers alike! There are definitely more than 10 houseplants that are fairly easy and many sources say different things (none of them are wrong!). In this podcast, I have given you a look into my top 10 low maintenance houseplants based on my experiences with each of them and a different perspective from a beginner, my twin sister, Lindsay's experiences. My top 10 low maintenance houseplants are Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, Philodendron, Agave, Hoya, Pothos, Peperomia, Dieffenbachia, Syngonium and Monstera.

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